Thursday, May 12, 2005

Is a Googleography like a bibliography?

I thought Googleography was a neologism I just carved. To my surprise it is already employed. At the time of this writing Google references googleography 15 times with the meaning "performing a search using Google". See here what I got:
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My view of the meaning for this word is more like the meaning of the word bibliography.

When you are trying to find out some ideas, discussions, facts, in a library, you usually make a list of all those books were you found something interesting or supporting or challenging, related to your idea.

Then you make this list available, for example at the end of the book or paper you are writing. Is is a way of proclaiming your are honest with what you say since others are saying the same, or are opposing what you say.

Some may also pretend to be honest, and the bibliography is there to make the innocent believe they are honest.

A bibliography does not save you the effort of proving what you are saying, or the effort of verifying what is said by someone. It may be a clarification but may also add to the confusion.

So making a googleography of your findings is like making a bibliography but there is a bit more to it.

A good googleographical entry should contain the google keywords that lead you to the URL's you are citing: URL's vanish over time, Google keywords probably less.

Furthermore the documents referred to by a given Google list of keywords evolve over time: how do you account for what Google found at the time you performed the Google search? What happens if Google finds now a different list of documents?

Click on googleography here to view what Google finds at the time you do it. Do you see the same links as above or something different? What are your conclusions regarding a Googleography?

ps: Click on googlography. That word is used too!