Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Translation memory : could it be shared across customers ?

I just came across an article explaining how a Translation memory is used by a company, Argos, in the business of translation and localization. Argos says it uses one of the well known translation memory tools available on the market : SDLX, Trados, DejaVu, Transit. The company also says it uses translation memories on a client by client basis and is not sharing translation memories from one client to another. Argos mentions that using a translation memory can save up to 50% in translation costs. Imagine a translation memory was shared among customers; would that save more on translation? Has anyone yet practiced sharing translation memories across customers? Can it be done? Is it worth doing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, it can be done, it's quite feasable and rather obvious. However, a problem occurs when you take ethics into effect. Most companies sign non disclosure agreements with their clients, thus they promise not to re-use the same memory database on other projects. This client paid for the set up, the process and the memory database for this project, he did not however pay for having the same terminology used on competitor's projects and saving them money.

7/19/2005 01:19:00 PM  

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