Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Building a web translation system

I am currently developping a web translation system. ... Yet another one you would say ... quite right ... There are some special things about it though:
  1. Targets professional quality translation, not machine translation (although MT can help).
  2. Tries to be as automated as possible.
    • You download your web pages to the system.
    • Your web pages are analyzed to locate your messages.
    • Translations for your messages are looked up in a data base.
    • New web pages are automatically generated containing the translations.
    • You upload the newly translated web pages to your site.
  3. What if some of the messages are not translated?
    • A professional translator is contacted to perform the translation
    • You are contacted when the translation is finished.
    • You upload the newly translated pages again.
Express your views on what I am trying to do.


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